Millstream CMS Single Page Website

This is a sample page demonstrating the various options and layouts available.

A single page website is a website where all the content is visible on one page, and visitors scroll the page vertically to view the various sections.

It's a visually dynamic design which takes advantage of the full dimensions of the browser window and generally uses large images and graphics.

Built on Millstream CMS

Isometric have created a system within Millstream CMS (our content management system) to allow creating and editing a single page website in a highly customisable way.

The templates support text and images, galleries, videos, maps and forms. You can add as many panels to the Single Page site as required. Should you wish to expand the site at a later stage to include unlimited pages, or start selling online with the built in ecommerce, you can upgrade your subscription later.

Dynamic design and layout

This page demonstrates just some of the design and layout combinations available.

A Fully Hosted Solution

  • New features and improvements added constantly
  • Millstream CMS is a hosted only solution. We look after all maintenance of the CMS system and servers, leaving you to look after the content.
  • Hosted on the AWS cloud computing environment, taking full advantage of the AWS platform and the scalability and reliability it provides.

Large Background Images

You can set background images which scale to cover the entire screen or part of the screen.

You can combine this with overlaid content such text or images in a variety of different layouts and colour combinations.

Feature Image Right

This section demonstrates a two column layout with a feature image covering the entire right hand column.

In this case, the height of this section is controlled by the height of the text in this column - though you can of course choose to adjust the height depending on the height of the screen.

Feature Image Left

Similar to the section above - this section uses a feature image in the left hand column.

Image SlideshowsImage Slideshows

Image Slideshows

You can embed a slider in a section complete with customised titles and descriptions.

This section uses two full width horizontal columns - the top column contains a slider which covers the entire column. The second column contains this text.

Feature Image Left Narrow

This section demonstrates a 2 column layout with the first column being 1/3 width and second column 2/3.

When editing a section, you can click one of 8 different layout combinations to change the appearance of that section. The system will automatically update, scale and layout the panels so it's easy to make changes to get the perfect website.

Feature Image Right Wide

This section uses another layout with the feature images covering the entire second column.

If needed, the image on the right could be instantly changed to any one of the eight different panel types:

  • Content
  • Feature Image
  • Form
  • Gallery
  • Products
  • Map
  • Slider
  • Video

Feature Image Left Wide

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Feature Image Right Narrow

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You can embed a map in any column or layout simply be entering in the address and choosing from a large range of options. You can even choose from a range of colour schemes for the map to personalise it for your site.

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